What an air source heat pump costs

What an Air Source Heat Pump Costs?

What an air source heat pump costs?

If you are keen to help protect the environment and your boiler is coming to the end of its life then you might be considering replacing it with a greener air source heat pump and no doubt the first question that is going to enter your head is ‘what an air source heat pump costs?’

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP for short) is not a one size fits all solution, so we cannot just say oh they cost £x, but what we can do is give you some guidance on the factors that affect the cost, so you’ll be able to get an idea of what you might be looking at paying.



You won’t be surprised to hear that with ASHPs, as with many things – size matters. A experienced installer will be able to recommend the right size unit for your property. If you do not have a unit of sufficient size, then you will not get the heat you need for your entire property. Also, fairly obviously – the bigger the unit, the more it costs.


Like boilers ASHPs have an energy efficiency rating and the Coefficient of Performance (COP) will impact the cost. The more efficient the ASHP the higher the initial cost, but the better the energy saving (and thus the cost saving) over time.


Just like boilers there are many brands of ASHPs available on the market. At Fineheat we do not compromise on quality, so we tend to recommend the Mitsubishi EcoDan, which is an established brand which has excellent reliability and performance. However we are happy to install other brands of ASHP if requested.


The complexity of the installation will affect the cost of your ASHP. If you have a difficult layout, access issues or existing structures that must be worked around this can affect cost. Bear in mind also that less experienced installers may charge a lower installation fee.


All ASHPs come with some components such as ductwork, air handlers and indoor units, but again depending on your property and heating or cooling requirements you may require additional components.

Additional features

If you would like more advance features such as programmable thermostats or smart controls this will add to the cost of your ASHP.


With Air Source Heat Pumps it is important to bear in mind the long-term savings in both energy and money that you will benefit from and offset them against installation costs. There may also be incentives or rebates offered in your local area.


The best way to know what an air source heat pumps costs for your property is to get one of our expert installers round to give you a quote, get in touch today to get started.

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