Central Heating Servicing

Service Details

Every week our teams are out and about in the South carrying out Central Heating Servicing for clients. Central Heating Serving goes further than the standard Boiler Servicing. As well as checking the function of your boiler our engineers will also:

Check all accessible pipework and seals

Check the system pressure

Check radiators heat correctly

Check the central heating timer

As well as ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your central heating an annual service will also ensure that the system is safe.

All our central heating servicing is carried out by our experienced team of Gas Safe registered engineers. A central heating service will usually take a couple of hours (depending on the size of your home and system).

O you take up our Central Heating Servicing we will add you to our system for automated reminders, so you will not have to remember when your central heating needs a service and you can ensure that your central heating is safe and operating at its best at all times.

If your central heating needs servicing or if you are not sure if or when it was last serviced get in touch today to ensure the safety and efficiency of your central heating.