Air Source Heat Pumps

Service Details

Air Source Heat Pumps are a relatively new technology which can replace a traditional boiler. They transfer heat from the air outside and use it to heat your home via radiators or underfloor heating. They can also be used to heat water for your taps, showers and baths.

There are many benefits to Air Source Heat Pumps which include:

They are more environmentally friendly than traditional boilers

They are very low maintenance

They are safer than a traditional boiler

They have a long lifespan

They can be paired with solar panels

They can provide both heating and cooling

You may be eligible for a grant

As a new green technology the installation and servicing of Air Source Heat Pumps requires additional training and qualifications. As well as being Gas Safe registered our team are also MSC Certified.

With many year’s experience as Plumbing and Heating Engineers, as well as the specific qualifications required for Air Source Heat Pumps our team can be relied upon to give the right advice and to handle the installation and ongoing servicing or maintenance of your Air Source Heat Pump professionally and efficiently.

To find out whether an Air Source Heat Pump is right for your home the best way to get started is for us to send out a member of our team to assess your home and your needs and give you personal advice and a bespoke quote.