How much will a new boiler cost?

If your boiler has broken down, or you are having problems with it, then it may be time for a new boiler. The first question you are probably asking yourself is ‘How much will a new boiler cost?’ So we thought we’d write this blog to give you some idea.

You will not be surprised to hear that there is not a simple answer to this question, but we will run through some of the variables and give you some idea of costs.

What sort of boiler do you need?

There are essentially two types of boiler’ combi (short for combination) and system. Combi boilers tend to be most popular these days – they are compact, easy to install and provide heating and hot water on demand. However in a larger household the system boiler may be a better choice…this allows you to run hot water in more than one place at one time…so no more getting a shot of cold water in the shower when someone turns the kitchen tap on!

Combi Boilers generally cost between £

System Boilers generally cost between £

What size of boiler do you need?

It is important to get the right size of boiler for your home…too small and you won’t get the heat and hot water you need…too big and you will be wasting energy and money. Calculating the size of boiler you need is a bit complicated and includes looking at; the size of your house, the materials used in construction, the level of insulation, how many bathrooms you have and how many people live in your home.

A boiler for a one bedroom flat generally costs around £

A boiler for a three bedroom house generally costs around £

A boiler for a five bedroom house with multiple bathrooms generally costs around £

What sort of heating controls do you want?

There have been many advances in heating controls in recent years and instead of just a thermostat in the hallway there are now lots more options. You can have zoned controls, which allow you to control different rooms, for example turning the heating off in rooms you are not using. You can get controls which compensate for weather. You can control your system and monitor your energy use remotely via a smartphone.

Obviously the more advanced your controls, the more expensive your system will be

Traditional thermostats systems generally cost between £

More advanced systems start from £

Is a traditional boiler even the right choice for you?

With advances in heating technology there are now greener alternatives to a ‘standard boiler’ – the Air Source Heat Pump! An Air Source Heat Pump transfers heat from the air outside and uses it to heat your home via radiators or underfloor heating. They can also be used to heat water for your taps, showers and baths. They are low maintenance, safe and have a long lifespan, plus they can be paired with solar panels and you may be eligible for a grant.

Air Source Heat Pumps start at £

If you want to find out more about Air Source Heat Pumps why not read our blog What are air source heat pumps?

So as you can see there is a lot to consider. We hope this short blog has given you some useful information on the cost of a new boiler. If you need expert advice and a bespoke quote please do get in touch

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